Friday, March 18, 2016

FTT Family Journey: Our First Group Therapy

Thank you for following along with our Families Failure to Thrive Journey. If you have read my previous posts you may remember that the Pediatrician gave us a deadline for getting Maddie to gain a few pounds. Madison also had a great milestone with some weight gain! I would like to further update our journey with Madison's first time attending group therapy. Madison sees an Occupational Therapist at Rady Children's Hospital every other week. The therapist decided that Madison would better benefit from having therapy sessions with other children who have the same feeding needs and sensory disorders. We waited for what seems like an eternity (OK I exaggerate- it was only a month) for our insurance to approve these therapy sessions. Once we received the green light we quickly scheduled appointments for every other week.
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Recently we experienced our first group therapy session. The group is made up of four children, two OT's and each child had a parent sitting next to them in a circle. The OT started out the session by introducing everyone in Spanish. Now, mind you, Madison and I are the only two non Spanish speakers there. She quickly introduced Maddie and began the meet. We were completely lost during the whole appointment. Most of our time there was spoken in Spanish with no explanation as to what was happening.  Poor Madison was ignored during most of the talk. She would only take one item (like a good girl) out of each bin offered her without knowing that she could have multiples. She (after finishing said food item) asked for more but didn't receive any (most of the time) because the other parents took more than enough for their children.
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Now, we have nothing wrong with others speaking Spanish or being bilingual. I wish I was bilingual but sadly Spanish is too hard a language for me to learn. Trust me I have tried multiple times. However, I do have an issue with a class being mostly spoken in Spanish when there are others present who don't speak a lick of Spanish. We had no understanding of what was being taught or said which in turn made the session pointless for Madison. It was supposed to be a beneficial therapy appointment by encouraging Maddie to try overcome some timidness towards certain textures. This class (for us at least) was instead a waste of time and money for the day. I will be requesting a new group where English is the primary language so that Madison can get the most out these meetings. I hope I have better news for the next time I update you in regards to our group therapies.
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I do however, have good news in relation to Madison's calorie intake. She has been consuming approximately 1000-1200 calories on some days and is every day surpassing 800 calories without pressure or crying. We are no longer having to fight to get her to reach 800 calories and it has been such a relief. We still have a long ways to go as she is still being extremely picky and selective with what she eats but is greatly showing improvement. Several friends have messaged me proclaiming how wonderful she is looking now. The veins in her forehead aren't as prominent, you can't see her ribs as clearly as you used to be able to and she is eating more compared to drinking than she used to. I pray she starts packing on the pounds quickly so we can altogether avoid hospitalization.  

Reagan Eating Peas and Carrots
Reagan eating pureed foods
I also have great news in regards to my youngest. She has recently started eating peas and carrots whole, loves her rice puffs and yogurt melts and is also eating her purees (about 1 oz each sitting). A month ago she wouldn't touch most things and refused to eat solids. I tell you there is power in prayer! God is good and working wonders in our home and little girls. If you are going through FTT or Sensory Disorder with a child please share your story with us. Whether you are still trekking through or have overcome these issues we want to hear from you and maybe swap ideas with techniques learned to help the kiddos.